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A Word To Readers Of My Traditional Western Fiction

Please know I will always work hard to

create entertaining escapes into the American West in a easy-to-read, move-along style that won’t bog you down,


weave authenticity throughout each adventure that will not only have you learning about the Old West, but give you the sense of having actually been there.

Concerning research:

Never limited to the use of office machines and personal Old West library from the confines of my study armchair—or the many archives, libraries, and other indoor sources of historical information.

For me the real gravy involves getting outdoors. My characters will never ride anywhere I haven’t already visited, studied, and enjoyed during the same time of year.


Texas / Mexico Border <><> 
Photo by Marc S. Rupert
Sierra Nevada, California <><> Photo by Marc S. Rupert
Canyonlands, Utah <><> Photo by Marc S. Rupert

Teton Range, Wyoming <><> Photo by Marc S. Rupert
Organ Pipe, Arizona <><> Photo by Marc S. Rupert
Alaska Highway, Canada <><> Photo by Marc S. Rupert